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The Lottery Page 7

Short Story » Drama


"Yeah, it could be pretty strange alright, if some, say, redneck KKK type wins. A person with that much money could start a private army or, who knows what kind of trouble."




"I know what I'd do with that prize," Bob finally started warming to the subject, lightening up, and getting his imagination going, "I'd put it all into one hundred dollar bills, and have one huge bonfire. That would get people thinking about the worthlessness of happiness through money!" He laughed at his own thought, but I went momentarily pale, trying to imagine just how huge a pile that many one hundred dollar bills might be. I imagined something like a department store size haystack.




"Or I'd start the worlds largest goat breeding farm, and give away a goat to everyone in Africa and India. Hahahahaha, one hundred billion just about might be enough to do that!"